“Do you have your driving license?” Selly* (not his real name) asked.

“I have one but it’s expired.” – I didn’t really understand his question.

“Ooh sawa (Okay).”

I was asked this by a friend, who’s my classmate, just before my final paper, ‘Cartography’. I was blithe to finish – for I was shaking off the monkey, “2nd Year” off my back.

I was dourly filling my mind with information it could still take in before I entered the exam room. With me was another buddy of mine, Nom* (not his real name). Nom is a hyper dude with dreadlocks whom you might confuse has Jamaican roots.

Nom quickly shouts, “Yo, Selly I have one.”

Let me expound on something here first; those who know Nom, know really well he cannot drive a car leave alone do some press-ups.

Selly chuckled and said, “It’s okay bruh! Wacha tu (forget it).”

Still expounding; those who know me, know I love shifting gears. If you’ve been inside a four-wheeled vehicle while I maneuvered it, you know I’m good. Really good. And you’ll confess you felt safe.

“Why have you asked?” I posed.

“My aunt’s car is at the COMESA Car Park at KICC and my mom who’d like it moved to the Anniversary Towers basement parking.”

The car is manual so they had to call the right guy. But do I say?

Nom then yells, again – by now you can model him in your mind. Dreadlocks, unbridled energy, confident and wanting to drive which by the way I have no idea how he got his driving license. Investigations please. Still he remains my homie. Being a staunch Christian, his faith could still not convince us to give him the opportunity to drive us, not even behind a bicycle carrier.

The young people we are, campaigned to go for the car despite the fact we did not have a driving license. Please don’t tell me you expected us not to? Selly’s mom, whom I deem as a very cool and loving mom, gave us the blessing to go forth with our juvenescence adventure that most of our fellow young people carry on being a dream, a pipe dream.

Of course, I was the leading man – something like Steve Rodgers in Captain America.

Keep your humility lectures to yourself.

“Selly, my fear is us being the first car to be stopped at the GPO roundabout when traffic is controlled.” I blabbed restlessly.

He smiled gingerly.

What I know was going on in Selly’s mind at about that time was what an asinine situation we got ourselves into. We could look for a taxi guy, he has a license. Or we could also ask Nom – which wasn’t going to happen.

I ignited the car and off we cruised. We couldn’t turn back now no matter how much we wanted. We got lost at POSTA thinking there was a way to Uhuru Highway. Hey! If you have on no occasion got lost while driving, raise your hand.

I thought so too.

Plus you are aware of how town lanes are.

If you have never seen a mixture of happiness and fears intertwine together at the same time, you should have been in that silver, saloon car.

Guess what?

You guessed it. We were halted right at the entrance of the roundabout. Selly almost got out of the car while Nom didn’t really know what was going on, seated at the back-left. Probably he was far away jamming to one of his reggae concerts.

Finally, after a horrendous four minutes, the lady officer motioned the traffic and what a snare that was, we escaped. My heart was thumping hard and if it wasn’t for Nom’s rasta’s ‘reggaeing’ he would have heard my heart want to snap out of its chest.

Quickly I drove not really wanting to look at the rear mirror and safely down to the basement parking of Anniversary Towers. We all started to giggle like a couple of kids in a schoolyard – happy.

I offered a thankful prayer, a super-thankful prayer to our God and that was how I finished my Second Year.

I really hope my mom doesn’t get to read this, ha-ha!

So? Why did I tattle to you about this interesting story of my life?


Yes. You don’t have to be certified to do anything. You don’t have to be licensed for you to get out into the world and be the man or woman in the arena. Without a license, that did not mean my driving skills expired too.

Like Nike, just do it. Know deep down in your heart that you got what it takes with or without a ‘driving license.’ You can do that job. You can pass that unit, if you read. You can ask that girl out. You can swim in the deep end. You can make it to the team or band. You can sing not necessarily having to be Tumiso. (the child of Nameless and Wahu) You can… Yes, you can!

You don’t have to be called each and every second so as to know you are loved. You don’t have to get comments to know you are a good writer – not all readers have time to comment. You don’t have to be perfect to get down on your knees and pray. You don’t need your parents or best friend to pat you on the back to know you are talented and up to task. You don’t need the American or British accent to have a microphone brought to you, or for your case, the Indian accent. You don’t need permission from anybody, let them live their lives. Trust God and go for it. You don’t have to be certified.

If you could envision the type of person God intended you to be, you would rise up and never be the same again.

As Nom puts it, “Waleva mayne.” (Whatever man!) Let this be your reply henceforth.

Just as God was with me in that dreadful scenario at the roundabout, so will He be with you at whatever situation you dread most in your life – even shadows of death.

I believe my readers are intellectual therefore, in no way am I advertising for people to drive without a driving license. If you get caught, I’m sorry I don’t have Kimaiyo’s number.

Friends, you don’t have to be certified.



  1. cant wait to finish reading i must comment first before gettin back to reading it…waah its okey if i wasnt a gospel artiste the next song would be pay back…hehehehe you’ve truly made my day wait Selian sees this…i thank God for such a wonderful gift of a friend…you truly bless me bro…you are going far,i might want to limit the storys i tell you or next time i see them here…nice piece cant stop laughing…

    1. Haha my brother!! I’m happy it cracked you a bit and one thing I know is one day u’ll be a good driver:) No doubt! And your music is tight, hold on there you are going places. You’re a great friend.

  2. I don’t even know how using an abbreviated form of my name makes it not my real name….
    Haha …but I got a good laugh out of that.
    (Next time our not-so-legal adventures remain with us )

    I’ll get you back

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