My mind wandered off in a trackless course as I sat there in the well curved and smooth wooden chair at the Amka Literature Forum in Goethe Institute on that fateful Saturday morning.

I was to appear before the Engineering Students Association (ESA) Committee for an interview which I had applied to be part of the Editorial Board.

Was I scared? No! But what made my mind and body aloof were the vagaries of the questions they would ask.

What are they looking for? Have I dressed well? Do they need experience? Is there politicking?

These were just but a few.

The Literature Forum came to an end at around 1:30 pm and the interview was scheduled to commence at 2:30 pm. Not really having anything to do between that period of time, I and a pal of mine, Tony went and played FIFA at Hazina Towers.

I hope my future employers are not reading this – Waleva mayne.

FIFA muhimu (is important)!

I decree and believe that I will employ and not be employed. I will lend and not borrow – Proverbs 22:7.

Can I hear an Amen!

C’mon say it, Amen?


2:30 pm drawing inexorably closer and looking at the color of my skin, it was bare before my eyes I could not escape the adage of African timing and so to avert that, we abandoned the game (Tony was winning) and I quickly went for the interview calmly as I could knowing really well I had nothing to lose but so much to gain.

Why did I want to be part of the Editorial Board?

Just having started my blog and my radioactive love of writing, I thought what a better way to not only grow as a writer but also an editor as well.

In another case; Why not?

Goose bumps ran across my skin but I refused the urge to rub my arms. The interview did go well and in my point of view I nailed it. I knew if I did not make it to be part of the Editorial team then it was nothing to do with my eloquence or writing skills but a greater force that I had no control over.

Later on that evening while I was at the Saturday PM – Citam Valley Road, I received a phone call from the Chairlady of ESA and I had to cut short my praise and worship. The conversation went something like this:

“Hi Chelal.”


“I’m sorry to inform you but you did not make it to the Editorial Board…”

Quickly I watched myself grimace and wince.

“… But there is a vacancy, don’t know if you’re interested?”

The conversation went on.

“I’m listening.”

“We would like you to be the Geospatial Representative in ESA (for 1st to 5th year students).”

Not really caring too much for my heart had just been broken a few seconds ago and I was looking for tissue in my pockets, I went on to ask;

“Will I be able to write and edit?”

“If you wish, it’s totally up to you.”

I immediately stopped my search of tissue.

“Sure. I’ll be glad to represent my fellow Engineers.”


I take this platform to announce to all Engineers especially my docket, Geospatial that I am your representative at ESA and looking forward to working with you.

ESA is a professional body within the School of Engineering of The University of Nairobi that brings together students taking courses within the department of:

• Electrical and Information Engineering.
• Civil and Construction Engineering.
• Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.
• Environmental and Bio-system Engineering and
• Geospatial and Space Technology Engineering.

Its aim is to promote the academic welfare, promote the industrial and academic linkages of ESA members between the industries in and out of Kenya.

In case you have any ideas, suggestions you’d want tabled at the committee, me being your servant I’ll gladly motion it on your behalf. You would want to fasten your seat belt because the ride might overwhelm your thought of fun.

Take this opportunity to sign up for those who are not members and like our facebook page. Visit our website:

As I conclude, I want to thank God for taking a small dream of only being an editor and magnifying it to being a representative who at the same time can edit.

Was I the best candidate? Am I the wittiest of all the Geospartans? Am I the strongest? Am I the most popular student?

Of course NOT!

And please don’t look at me with those eyes, I have done nothing wrong. It’s just, favor.

Favor is the word!


7 thoughts on “FAVOR is the word!

  1. Bro kwani you’re also in the business of Aromat,the growth is tremendous,am totaly proud of you,thank God am not struggling with pride,am sure if i was i would av written to my followers how awesome it was writing this article with you…lol..well said tho, Favor is the word,indeed God is faithful and is taking you from glory to glory

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