How many times have we heard or noted someone – not necessarily geriatric, say “I wish I read more and garnered more certificates back then.” “I wish I attended those vocal classes – which were free – while still in school.” “I wish I did my Masters straight from the University.” “I wish I learnt something about the Stock Exchange.”?

“I wish… I wish.” How many times?

Personally, I have – not once.

You give ear as they say those words with sincerity in them, and if your heart is as mine – easily moved by little street urchins begging for coins – you’d commiserate with the bearer of those ‘wishful’ words.

Sitting at their office desk, having families back at home, they study for their exams. Something they could have done way back in their unbridled youth – they do it now.

True, but what percentage are they that have genuine reasons? 0.000003%? Okay, 0.3%?

Nothing against them, but we could turn out like them.

The Bible also recognizes this (and truly we serve a wise God) in Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse 1, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, ‘I find no pleasure in them.’” – Worship Him NOW!

Read the whole chapter.

If God Himself knew that our praise and worship to Him would grow less when we start showing unmistakable signs of senility, then what can confirm tomorrow you’ll be better than today? That at your thirties you’ll be stronger than at your twenties? That your wife will be much beautiful and more caring than your current girlfriend? That you’ll change your behavior next year?

Woe to you, folks!

Most of my readers are lads and rosebuds. I believe this applies to you as well.

Take time to sharpen your skills! To grow in leaps and bounds in whatever you are doing or wherever you are. Practice the CANEI method – ‘Continuous And Never Ending Improvement.’


Forget tomorrow, you have now.

Do two academic courses – if you can. Go for band practice. Join the choir and let your voice rise high as the listening skies. Strum away on your guitar. Play the drums making sure you strike the cymbal well till your sticks break. (No, I will not buy you another one.) Start a little earlier, work a little harder and stay a little later – develop this habit.

Attend leadership conferences and product training related to your work field. Learn the skills needed in sales and marketing. Go to the VCT and get tested. How romantic is it to go with your mate? Learn about condom efficacy – Abstinence, 100% safe.

[I know you are religious and all – thank God, but these things happen. Maybe you were one of them till His grace saved you. Allow me to talk about it.]

James Whitcomb Riley put it this way, “Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these.”

Go the extra miles now before beards start sneaking up on you and when sperms are still locked inside of you. I had no idea guys are so spiritual, my goodness! Ha-ha.

Me? What I’m I doing? – Good question.

I’ve decided to take a break in my writing. Put the stones down, my God! Listen first. You should attend listening lectures.

I want to learn how to use WordPress. Ex-squeezzzeee me, I’m not dumb. There are great features and terminologies found in WordPress and if I could know them and learn how to use them, not only will my writings display clearly the message I intend it to but you’ll appreciate it too.

Mind you it’s just for one and a half months. Okay, one month. Alright, Four weeks… 3 weeks?

Four weeks it is.

I’ll still be posting so don’t you go nowhere. Still every week, though something small but of great help it’ll be. Thanks for understanding.

Getting back…

We ‘all’ dream of having money, to travel with our families to Santa Catalina Island and propose to your wife with a rock – sorry guys. Though a stone is fine too. But how will we be able to achieve that when we are at the same level as everyone else is?

Trust me; it’s not with your average grade and average interview with your average clothes that will get you an average job that pays an average salary for you to drive an average car. Then you marry an average spouse and get several average children and the cycle goes on to the next generation. Say no to AVERAGE! – Just quoting Caroline Mutoko.

Be different but at the same time be you.

Stand out. Out. (Get the joke?)

Do not be satisfied with what you have or are – be grateful though.

Everyone is improving themselves; look at technology change the world. Today it’s fashion, tomorrow it’s a fad. Tomorrow we might have a robot president (I’m joking, jeez! I heard you say, ‘By the waaaayyy?’ Really?)

I’m out.

Take life seriously. Screech halt your fantasies and take time to sharpen your skills.


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