Those four years went so dam fast. Just the other day, I was toting my chair looking for the best spot in the TV room on where to place, angry with the guys who had booked space for their fellow friends.

I had my England spirit on, rooting for a team that cost me. That cost me baaad. I gambled and had a bet which led me to buying sodas and loaves of bread. It really put me through the wringer. (That was a big deal back then and most of you can attest to that.) Still I console myself with that Frank Lampard’s goal that was disallowed.

Where were you goal-line technology? Where were you?

Now it’s different. I’m no longer in high school and a bit wiser, eschewing gambling at all costs. I was able to part ways and get over England and now I announce to you guys the team I’m rooting for;

  • Germany and
  • Belgium

Both teams have had great records and as we know statistics never lie. Germany has always been near the top – runners up four times and won three times. They’ve come close to clinching it and with great German players plus their coach Joachim Loew who’s been with them since the year 2004 knowing the strength and weaknesses of the team might just tip the favor to their side. Belgium: maybe because I’m inclined to supporting under-dogs. They have gone through the group stages unbeaten but maybe I was a little biased. With a fellow Kenyan, Divock Origi, at one of the biggest showdowns and my amigo Adnan Januzaj – Belgium was an easy pick.

I already hear the cries of why I’m not patriotic and got no love for African teams. As I’ve told you earlier of my bet loss I went through 4 years ago and this has shaped me to be cautious in all my dealings and choices.

But let’s see;


I love Ghana and their performance in the last World Cup was incredible, magnificent, outstanding, and fantastic! Maybe Africa’s hopes lies with them but looking at the group there in, it’s a hard call for me (Germany, Portugal and USA). They might not go through the group stages but again, it isn’t altogether beyond the realms of possibility.


The African kings! Not so bad. Their recent warm up matches have been draws and losses and being in a world that judges by results, they haven’t convinced me enough. But Keshi could pull out a surprise on me.


What? No comment. Sorry. Though, it’s always good to be underestimated.


Too many big names! One player can be a crucial ingredient on a team but one man cannot make a team. If they work together, keep their ego’s aside, they may reach somewhere and if they bow out of the tournament, they’ll sure as hell go down fighting. Group C is unpredictable!


Aaahhaa! Their group is kind of safe. Their warm up matches have been promising with Eto’o being at his peak and probably his last World Cup action, they are a team to watch. Plus I used to be called Eto’o way back in Primary School. Please don’t ask how and/or why.

So Cameroon just joined the list of my favorites.

But that’s not pertinent to why I decided to write this. Here is the sole reason;


One evening I went with a friend of mine for a walk at Jaffery’s Academy. While there we met a great individual who is a Pastor-cum-Electrical Engineer. I knew him because I had a chance to interact with him at a previous occasion. We talked and in the middle of our conversation, the Brazil frenzy came up.

One thing for sure is that he doesn’t look like a football follower leave alone a fanatic. This made me wonder but as we continued to talk, he clarified that he was going for mission with Citam Valley Road. (Might be cancelled due to the unrest and insecurity besieging the South American country)

I did not give it much thought at that time but later on it got me thinking. Wait a minute! We all have different reasons for this one months’ craze. Others are fulfilling the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations from all parts of the earth. Wow!

My friends, Waweru’s, Njoroge’s and Njeri’s are walking straight to the bank with a disparate gait as they harness their skills in business down in Brazil.

Others are just flowing with the hype that comes with this event, the ache being so palpable and since everyone is watching, why not? Plus I’ll have something to add tomorrow with my buddies.

Others are watching to see their ‘dream man’ control the ball with their chest making them grasp for air as they tweet and share the photos on Instagram – at least it’s a reason

Others have no clue and don’t know why but will shout Y.O.L.O and probably search for their reasons after.

Others it’s because of the company they’ll have around to enjoy together. Friends, Barbeque and Beer. What else?

To our ladies, it’s to make their men happy or maybe keep an eye on them – ha-ha!

What about you, what’s your reason?

(My popcorns are almost ready, I got to go.)

For me, I don’t really know yet and as I think of my reasons of following this once in a lifetime event in a country that lives, eats and sleeps football; let me badger my folks to pay DSTV.

ola brasil…



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