To all my readers,

What a race it has been thus far! At certain times I’ve tried running with my head facing sideways, and that almost made me quit. Keeping my head afloat has been hard. Frustrations have engulfed me, clipping my wings but I guess it’s one of the ‘things’ that come with the investments one makes; understanding that the only people with no problems are dead.

When I started blogging about 5 months ago, I never imagined in a million years with the sun still yellow that I’d be here posting my 20th article – leave alone have a blog! I remember vividly when I posted my first article on the 1st of April dubbed, “APRIL FOOLS’ DAY” which was, to be honest, a trial and error. Then to what was to be my last final piece, “I LIED, AGAIN” is when everything changed. The response was incredible, far-fetched. Made me ask the question why someone would want to listen to what I had to say but kept the matter in mind. The number of views it garnered debunked my limiting beliefs, fears and false assumptions. It has my all time favorite comment from Hilda Sirma IMG_20141005_204649Up to today I read that and it keeps me on the race. Keeps me fanning the flame. To say the truth, nothing but the truth, I beamed for days. Asante Hilda.

I look back at certain articles and I’m like noooooo… Did I write this?
Ooohh yes, my best was “I LIED, AGAIN” till I penned “CONSCIENCE: WHO AM I?” till I put in writing, which is still my best, yet, “Then YOU Wonder.” That was superb. Agree?
Well, if I could just interject before you get me wrong. I love all my articles. I go through all of ’em once in a while and they speak to me differently at all times. I’ve had my fun writing them. I got the inspiration for “THE CROSS” on Good Friday and wrote it from 11 pm to 6 am the following day. I still laugh when I read “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE CERTIFIED.” I’ve never been proud of an article such as the “NO WAY for Brazil!” The big football fan that I am and being able to see or prophecy (if I may say) is a big deal. And “PLEASE, DO NOT ALLOW!” Being the most shared article, 50+ times on social media; writing on the Saba-Saba hype and speaking to the political tensions in the country, has been fulfilling.

It’s been a great thrilling journey.

On this post, I want to thank you all. Some of you have stuck with me from day one, most of you joined on the way and a few quit the race. And many will join today, you’re welcome. Thank you for the time you set aside to read, comment or share on social media, have it as a status on your whatsapp or by word of mouth. I really appreciate it.
Words cannot describe my gratitude.

To those who threw me into this world of writing, only to discover later that you packed me a parachute, thank you. To you who gave me a deadline to when I should have created my blog, Asante. Though I did it for two reasons:
1. I didn’t want to fail you
2. I wanted to impress you.
Still, Asante.

To you who psyched me up and made me – still makes me – believe I’m the next African voice the world is looking for. Asante. To you who took time to design the great photos that are seen in this blog, Asante. To my wingman with whom we printed so many copies of my writings and started dishing out to anyone we knew or could find that could nurture this ‘talent’ only to discover later that some may pilfer the ideas or the writings and so we stopped. Ha-ha! Asante.

I want to give a shout-out to Jane Ndegwa for sticking with me like barnacles from the word go. She talks little maybe because of how tiny she is. She’s not only a friend and a classmate but the classic exemplar of the proverbial phrase, “Actions are better than words.” She’s shared if not all, almost all of my articles on her timeline, which if you decide to visit, will second. She once told me she woke up at four in the morning to read my article. Asante Janey.

I see you guys every day, meet at corners and share rooms together and though I may not always say Asante, but whenever I do see you my heart melts like wax and may you all be a blessing to others for having gone beyond the call of duty.

The peerless gift I receive is meeting someone and they reveal to me that my article “Take Time To SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS!” did it for them. That they’re ready to pay the price. Or that they resonate with me in the “COUNTRYSIDE” article. They really do need to go home. That they laughed when they read, “MY EXPERIENCE IN THE GYM” for they saw themselves in it. Having a debate over a particular article (“FAVOR is the word!“) that would go past an hour with a loyal reader, now a friend. Someone requesting me to expound on a certain line that they didn’t quite understand or from a second party that it had an impact on their lives. I was once told that one person after reading an article voiced that I would be a great lawyer in the future. Talk of being flattered. Cloud nine!

Seeing your article published in the Student Engineer magazine and being approached by The Kenya Engineer to write an article for their November/December issue: it’s priceless!

To my sister who in the middle of reading, starts jumping and screaming. Comes over to me and in a funny and scary tone, “Ni moto! Moto! (It’s fire)” that leaves me in a trance like state, my thoughts a numbered reflection of the silence.
“Have you finished?” I finally ask.
“Bado (not yet). I have to text Patience and Chebet (her friends) first to read.”
To my younger brother who shuns reading saying the English is ‘too hard’ making known of how an inconsiderate brother I am, Asante. To my parents for their support. Mama letting me know I got the writing skills from her which my dad overhears and with a funny expression on his face leaves me doubting that leads to the whole family bursting into laughter. But would leave my face glowing with a childlike wonder. Asante.

Write to me. Call me. Text me. Let me know if any of my writings have had an impact on your life.

A lone-ranger and shy person like me, not forgetting a techno-phobic, I couldn’t ask for more. Every time I’ve felt like giving up I look back on how far I’ve reached and deep down into the ground I drive a stake to mark my place under the sun.

I want to thank my God for I know there are a lot of things beyond my human ability, knowledge and control but there is nothing beyond His control. May our friendship – Father-son – grow to the heavens and yonder.

Whatever it is you want, you can do it too! So long as you run facing forward, not sideways.

As we hold our glasses up and toast to another 20 articles, this one is for you. Yes you!

It’s been real!



5 thoughts on “IT’S BEEN REAL!!

  1. Oh I didn’t know it’s been 20 articles later
    Please keep them coming .
    Your writing is effortless and so relatable. Keep it up buddy 😊😊😊

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