The President of the Republic of Kenya is Uhuru Kenyatta. Nothing has changed. But we did have a 5th President, Hon. William Ruto for 48 hours – a story for another day.
Ooh yes, there isn’t Ebola in Kenya. We really thank God.
Greed has become flagrant. There is a land in Karen, 143.4 acres that is valued at 8 billion shillings. The business moguls and Member of Parliaments among other 50 individuals have their dirty hands in this corruption scandal. It’s huge by the way. Maybe a disadvantage of democracy?

I’ve been spending time with Farhiya and my-oh-my, our sister is growing beautiful each and every day. We could live off the dowry we’ll receive. Truly, Bless The Lord.
Patrick thinks New Zealand is in Europe. Then later thinks it’s in Australia and we cannot blame him. But he does say that you ride on Kangaroos and take several photos. As I said, we can’t blame him for each person is a unique expression of God’s loving design.
Ruth and Winnie say they’ve missed you SO MUCH and that they want bars of chocolate as gifts from NZ.
Wahinya says you should get back as soon as possible and contribute to the group work. That everything cannot be done for you while you’re away enjoying yourself… How?
Voke misses the chocolates…
Louisa says that she’ll get involved in church activities so that she could also travel.
Virginia and Faith say hi.
Calisto aka “brathe” still uses a train and Elvis’ pot belly has immensely reduced. You could ask for tips.
Alvin is at times, first to arrive in class and now you know how guys have become serious. He deserves a round of applause.
Yula still hasn’t given hope of getting a Nigerian man. Maybe a prayer request? She’s also our BBA correspondent.
Selian and Mr. Macoco are now best of friends, you wait and see.
Guys are half-frightened and half-fascinated by Mr. Nyadimo, our GIS lecturer, but I find him okay.
And Janey had her transcript decorated with an ‘A’ grade in this last year’s results. How we are happy and proud of her!

How’s it there?
How’s the Pacific Ocean? Even if some of us have pools in our backyards, we cannot swim knowing ‘someone else’ is colliding with the waves at the Pacific. I’m not jealous. I’m just saying.
How’s the weather?
The shark that you caught out fishing, how many pounds did it weigh? How many teeth did it have?
How was the 32 hour flight… with Fly Emirates?
Fellas here are asking how the ladies are there and ladies are also asking about the fellas there.
Met any All Blacks Star Player?
Have you been sick? Home sick?


Possibly others have forgotten about you. Some lecturers cannot understand why you’re out there preaching instead of here reading but what can you say? I guess it’s something you cannot even explain. Each heart knows its bitterness and no-one else can share in its joy.
Plus don’t worry about the CATs and exams for with the adept minds I’ve mentioned above you’ll be given a helping hand BUT only if you’re willing.

Me? If I’ve missed you? Nuuuh bruh… If I say yes you’ll probably be full of yourself. But maybe a little. Cannot be compared to Mamlaka Hill Chapel or your girl. Maybe she sends you selfies of herself everyday. Trying to keep in touch with each other as your blood tingles in delight.

I don’t miss going for lunch with you. That was good though. Buying each other lunch depending on one’s financial muscle or debt that was to be paid. Not the time we’d go for bike riding in Karura Forest and you’d outclass me.
It’s the Faith you have. I miss that Faith. Nowadays I cannot share a goal, vision, or dream with anybody. They’ll probably shoot it down or it’ll be too big for them to comprehend. With you everything is bigger. We walk but act as if we are driving. And the zest for life you exhibit is infectious. Thinking bigger and believing bigger!

You missed Dr. Myles Munroe. Brother was in town and I got to see him in 3-D – he’s about our height. A powerful orator and teacher of the Word; loves his wife to pieces and has a jet, a private jet.
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I know you are.

Raphael told me what you did to my guitar. I won’t say my sister is sad, or that I’m mad. Why didn’t you tell me? Invest in a helmet for I’ll welcome you with blows.

Hopefully by the time you ‘jet’ back I’d have renewed my driving license and the car will be available but if not, there’s always a next time. And good thing you’ll be home.

You’ve been missed, Simon Waweru Gioche!!

NB: Don’t come back with an accent. Please.


4 thoughts on “YOU’VE BEEN MISSED!!

  1. now am home sick…wow…am just beating my chest and encouraging myself to..’strong mtu nguyas’ i dont want to shed a tear, but man am moved…this is deep wingman

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