She never did. But how could she?

Perhaps the previous night she folded her dress well and neat to put on tomorrow, a new day. Maybe she even took it a little further: she called her six-year old son and inquired what he thought of the dress and his response was, “wear it mommy, you look beautiful.” Her husband kissed her good-morning and in awe let the words out, “Honey, I didn’t know the dress I bought you would turn you into a queen.
This led her to making a funny expression with her lips as she tried not to blush for the smile was too broad compared to how small her mouth is.

And so like every other day, she set out for work with energy, hope and love. She then remembered she had to pass by the supermarket to buy envelopes her boss had instructed to come with, the following day. Looking down at her red, Quartz watch she figures out she has no time to dash to the supermarket and resolves to report to work first but vows to create time during the day to buy the envelopes. At around 12:45 pm she’s a bit free and decides to rush and buy the envelopes. So she walks out.

And she kept walking, maybe cat-walked (her normal gait) to the bus stop, just to make sure she performed her dutiful responsibility to her boss but what she didn’t see was what was going through the fellow pedestrians minds. She didn’t see throngs of beaming perverts and idle on-lookers conceive trouble and give birth to evil.
Ooh, hapless woman!

The more people gave her attention, the more she envisioned herself in a fashion runway rocking her hips from left to right then right to left. As she neared the bus stop; she couldn’t help but notice ladies turn their heads for a second glance.

“They love my shoes,” she thought.

In a blink, they blocked her way so that she couldn’t pass and found herself dangling in the air, not for being a hero but a villain, a temptor to the ‘man’ – “indecent dressing” we said. All this time her clothes are being ripped off and her body being kicked by ‘men’ who she thought was her protector. Like a reed swaying in the water, she was tossed from one side to another. Terrifying sounds fill her ears. In distress and anguish she despairs of escaping the darkness – the darkness of being naked at the Central Business District surrounded by ‘hungry’ men. Even with the sun shining so bright she didn’t see it coming…


She calls for help, like the hundreds of Kenyans that took to the streets of Nairobi with placards and banners protesting against the violence and abuse on women did, but… there is no justice.

How her husband carries her in the house from the kitchen, to the balcony to the bedroom; now she’s in the streets, her feet off the ground. In the midst of pain and with tears running down her cheeks, she finds the strength to mutter the words, Job in the Bible, said, “I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand upon the earth.” It then crosses her mind that being carried by a ‘man’ isn’t a love thing after all.

She didn’t see it coming…

[MY FELLOW MEN: to the women in our lives, those we’re attracted to and not attracted to; to those who text us and we really don’t want or feel like texting them back, let us treat them with respect and ask the question, ‘How does God view women?’]
Respect means granting or assigning them honor.

… Her six-year old son is now sitting at the porch outside the house with his Superman costume on, sucking his right hand thumb, waiting patiently for either one of his parents to carry him back to the house.
She then flings the gate wide open and as her eyes stare and meet those of his son who’s rushing down to give her a hug with his red wings being impelled by the wind, she tries to smile… but fails. All of a sudden, she drops to her knees and lets out a shrieking sob that halts her son to the ground. She cries and cries and cries possibly wondering why her child had to be of the male species, as she wipes mucus off her nose.
Gazing straight into the eyes of her son but speaking directly to Superman, she asks the burning question, “Where have you been?”


6 thoughts on “SHE NEVER SAW IT COMING. #MyDressMyChoice

  1. Thanks son for being creative, analytic, objective & not subjective in what you are doing. May God Almighty add you knowledge and wisdom,& make you achieve your goals. Bravo son!!!

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