We had guests in the house. Several families.

The parking lot reserved for our place is just two, meaning others had to park outside otherwise a brawl and foul words would rent the air. But again it depends on where you live. Other places you could park outside someone’s house and they’d invite you for coffee.

Us being the hosts, we parked our (my dad’s) car outside the gate, giving room for two cars to park within the lot.


I was never bothered with the fact that I don’t get to drive the car especially at occasions I ‘think’ I should. You know what I mean?
Example: Going to church, give me the car. Taking my siblings someplace, give me the car. Going to the supermarket or parking the car at its right spot, Give me the car.

My driving license has expired since September (see how busy I am with school). Every time I want to go renew, I end up asking the question is it necessary?
Hold up before you think I’m crazy or that we have dozens of cars, thank God we don’t. We’ve been blessed with one car.

My dad has of late not been wanting to let go of his car to his young son who he thinks might just show off or feels it’s just not right.
And which brings me to LIFE: if you don’t have peace in doing something or pursuing someone, do not do it. Don’t!

(End of flashback)

So as the guests left, I stand waving goodbye and ensure that they don’t splash water on me; he, my dad, comes over and hands the car keys to me.
I should have known, dad. Ooh Lord.

Was it a trick? A test? I saw his face, he was worried. Maybe he wanted the day to end well and show me that I always have the option to drive the car once I renewed my license. I always knew we were friends, best of friends.

At around 10:40 pm, I jump into the car and get the engine roaring.

The car was parked just outside the gate. The right gate. Only one gate is usually opened and that is the left one.

Happy to be back on the wheels and showing guys that I still got this, I didn’t bother putting the lights on and streaming the side mirrors. I just got in, reversed, did some magical balancing and as I got inside I heard a loud bang. Okay, maybe not a bang but a knock. The rear side of the car hit the right gate as I entered through the left gate.

Why Lord? Why? Why now when I’m trying to get to drive this car during the holidays? Like are you serious? – you must be kidding me.
I did not stop driving as I slowly drove it to its lot but how hard I hit the steering wheel, it can only testify.

I look at the rear mirror and I see my dad coming, walking peacefully, his hand inside his white jumper. His head faced downwards. I could only imagine what was going through his mind.

“Did you hit the car?”

“Yeah, I just heard a knock; I don’t know even where it’s from.” I say with the side mirrors still locked. Ha-ha!

“Okay, lock the car and bring the keys.”

‘Dammit’ – I had really held that in me for a while.

A few steps, he turns and without remorse blurts out what was on his mind, “Now you see why you’re not giving the car?”

What? For real dad? Now? I thought we were friends.
Wrong timing pops!

He turns and heads to the house.

I lock the car knowing that might be the last time I would drive that car.

Tomorrow is my birthday but I’ve learned one thing: if you are given to do something which the other person assigning you the duty is not comfortable you handling and has raised the issue, not once, not twice but severally: take your time, ask why I should do it and if there’s someone capable of doing it, let them do it. Don’t rush at it, no matter how good you are!

I got the timing wrong. I should have let that chance of driving pass.

It’s 11:39 pm, counting nearly 20 minutes to when I turn 21. Really excited and wondering what this year has in store for me.

Stay safe and happy holidays.
Remember Jesus is the reason for this season.

Life Sages.


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