MaryJesusHow was it like to carry God in your womb for 9 months?
How did it feel like?

Did you experience the cravings and morning sickness? What of the labor pains? Any?
How was His first cry? Did He even cry?

Were you shocked when He was born in a manger? Thought He’d have a gold cradle? The royals, not the shepherds, would pay Him a visit? That He’d be swaddled in maybe Gucci, Prada – remove Prada, I hear the devil dons it, yes Louis Vuitton?

Did He pee and poop on His pants?

Blessed be your womb;
and the earth your feet trod.

How was He as a teenager? Performed well in school?
Did He have a crush? No? Wrong question? Okay.

As a mother, how did you deal with all the young girls who came over wanting to be His girlfriend? Or like a normal Man, He understood how complicated girls were?
Say what? Change the topic? Sure.

How were His friends? Not the 12 disciples but His youth friends.
Did He have any called: Kinuthia or Mwangi? You see Mary, I ask these cause the above names are everywhere today.
No? Cool. Okay.
Was He bullied? Another wrong question? Okay.

Did He ever prophesy? Tell you of a team that will be born known as Manchester United?
That a little girl from Kenya by the name Lupita Nyong’o will have valid dreams?
That several people will go from being heroes to zeros? Mary, we all loved Ronaldinho.

Did He tell you of a boy named Evans Chelal?
Yes? What did He say?

Blessed be your womb;
and the earth your feet trod.

You were told by an Angel that He’d save us from our sins, but did you know He’d do it by dying on a tree?
That He’d walk on water? Change water into wine? Make the blind see and heal the sick? Drive demons away? And raise the dead?
Did you know, Mary?

Blessed be your womb;
and the earth your feet trod.

At the age of 21, did He send his CV to a fortune 500 company? Or was He satisfied helping Joseph In the carpentry world?

Did He cry for latest shoes and clothes? Latest Smartphone?
Did He ever know He was God? Son of God? Did you even tell Him?

As a family did you lack? Did people in your family get sick?

What was His favorite chore? Fetching wood and water? Washing dishes? Laundry?

You see Mary, I’m trying to fathom His life on earth but it’s too grandiose for my little mind with small cracks.

Help me understand!

Blessed be your womb;
and the earth your feet trod.

You had just been betrothed and still a virgin when the privilege news of carrying the Divine baby was announced to you. The wages of being pregnant before getting married, at those times, was death. Right?
What went through your mind? How was the atmosphere then? Did you ever doubt or think a mistake had been made?
You were young and gave birth in a little unknown town, Bethlehem.

How I wish you were here in the 21st century to hold a seminar, maybe a rally and speak to our sisters and daughters of the blessing there is to stay a virgin until marriage. That there is something that melts God’s heart about purity.

You could also talk of the abortion surge in this generation and let us into the power of the womb. We may never know who ‘the’ womb is carrying.
A Mandela. A Mother Teresa. A Dr. Martin Luther King. A [INSERT YOUR NAME].

Blessed be your womb;
and the earth your feet trod.

I want to say good job on mother-hood. For bringing up a Son who remained true on course to fulfill His purpose and save me. Yes me. Me who had an identity crisis in high school and now I’m FREE!

That He died for all of us, that whosoever believes in his heart and confesses with his mouth that He is Lord, will be saved. One who was tempted in every way yet was found without sin meaning He can sympathize with my weaknesses.

To you,
Mother of mothers,
whose experienced favor of favors
and joy in whom trust of raising the Savior, Jesus Christ, was bestowed.

Blessed be your womb;
and the earth your feet trod.

Mary, how was it like to be you?



  1. Never actually thought about Mary nurturing jesus .Interesting perspective ;a dramatic sequel it would make if it was made into a film or series 👌👌

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