I remember the first day we walked holding hands. It was on a Saturday. I had really thought about it.
Would you slap my hand? Would you get angry at me? Something False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) made me believe.
It was about 7:00 pm and we were heading for dinner at a local African restaurant situated on the streets of Moi Avenue (cannot remember the name) and as we crossed the University Way Road, right next to the Central Police Station, I reached for your hand and slipped mine right into yours. I bet you could feel the nervousness churning inside of me with my heart nearly exploding off its chest. And as we crossed the road you put a firm grip on my hand, walking hand in hand.
Yes, the spaces between your fingers are rightly where mine fit perfectly.

I remember the day we were buying items at Uchumi Supermarket and right in front of the cashier when it got to our turn, we both wanted to pay. There was a line behind us but a stand-off of about a minute or so ensues for who would pay.
I won, right? That was cute.

I remember the afternoon we spent at Sno Cream. We tried all kinds of funny ice cream. Bermuda (correct me), banana… Talked and had some good laughs. By the way, I’ve never gone back since.

We went for lunch after church (which was mostly the norm). But this specific day it was cold. So you put on my sweater and gracefully walked the streets of town in it.
Oooh, I remember that day – 3D.

Meeting your eldest sister wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I knew if I messed up on this one right here, my chances of making a friend in you would be dashed. Of course, I was worried about the reception.
Have I dressed well? Is it the right time? What will she think of me?
But now I can say: you have a true, cool and loving big sister. Say hi and wish her a Happy New Year.

You almost went Al Shabaab on me, the day I tried locking lips with you. But you liked me and easily you let me off the hook. Probably later that night you thought about it and went, ‘I like this boy.’ (Okay, I’m blowing my trumpet). But the day it did happen, heaven stopped. The stars shone brighter than usual, images became rich and up to today I cannot remember how I got home. I flew. I was carried. Carried on the wings of…love.

Your friends liked me, mine adored you.
Some of our friends and classmates envied us as eunuchs envy men.

The times you walked off angry, I’d always run after you.
You wouldn’t talk to me but I’d still walk beside you.
You didn’t want to reply but I kept the conversation going.
You didn’t want to eat but I’d still get you the food.

Till it reached a point, it started diminishing.
You’d walk away and my knees wouldn’t let me run.
You wouldn’t reply and I didn’t bother buying airtime.
You didn’t want to eat and I’d gobble it down. And I failed.

You were my angel. But forgot you were human too.

Now I understand, life minus love equals zero.

Ooh, I remember the little notes we’d right each other. I have several sneaked up in my black, leather wallet. I read them once in a while.
I remember the songs we dedicated to each other. I think I got one: Uliza Kiatu by H_art the Band.

Take care of my favorite skirt.

We were having lunch at Jamia Mall one sunny afternoon, when we couldn’t help but over hear a conversation. This man jovially tells the lady, ‘it was a pleasure meeting you.’ And with all the audacity she could conjure up she replies, ‘thanks.’
I remember we burst into laughter. We couldn’t swallow the food anymore as the sides of our stomachs hurt and tears came to our eyes.
How could she? At least a ‘likewise’ would be fine.

Then remember the lady (the bride-to-be), at the opposite mall, who was trying her wedding dress on?

You taught me to be silent at times; that to hear what you were really saying, I needed to listen to what you weren’t saying.

We learnt to be open with ourselves and with each other; we confessed our weaknesses to each other and prayed for each other so that we could live together. Guess where it went wrong is I didn’t understand and affirm your feelings, especially when you needed me to. But we were quick to forgive each other and move on .
I must admit: each time I spent with you was like a dip in a cool stream.

And in you, I came to understand the Bible well. The time God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18)

You were smarter than me. You were my mathematics tutor. I had the vision of the friendship and you were the CEO. The time I shared with you the idea of venturing into writing, you supported me 100% – demanded to read all the articles and ordered that I should never buy a note pad, you’d always do that. Told you of beginning blogging and immediately a deadline was set on when it should be up and running. I told you, though a bit late, of my leadership role in school and you couldn’t be happier. Bragged of the places it took me, but you were never impressed. Is it because you thought I could do better?
You were there on my Baptism day!

What can I say? You’ve been good to me.
Maybe just wish I had an impact on your life as you did on mine.

You opened my eyes in a way I had never seen before. Gave me a heart I thought I never had. Made me dream, dreams I never envisioned. Put a smile, I had never smiled before.

Met me a boy and left me a man.

I wish and pray that you’d find the ‘good’ in the goodbye.
I wish you great wealth and happiness with this fabulous gift called life.

You will always be remembered.



3 thoughts on “I REMEMBER, LOVE :)

  1. � this very 😂😂😂😂😂I This is internalized by 😂😂 several words charming honest relatable and simple .I am entertained. Great work buddy

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