Ever felt you need a vacation, and yet it’s January?
I sure as hell do.

You have nothing to do but still feel tired.
You eat (a lot) hoping to gain extra energy only for you to feel sleepy.
You sleep for 10 hours, hoping to get some extra rest only for you to feel like not waking up.
Your headache is as a result of video games and watching T.I. & TINY: THE FAMILY HUSTLE.

Life of a city kid?
I hate to admit but I do feel like one. And that’s why I need a vacay this January.

One’s expected to start the year energized, propelled towards vision by the force of passion, walk by faith and grow the quality of their persistence.
What happened to the resolutions?
… but anyway!

Let’s look at the life of a city kid: tell me if you see yourself?

Recently, my mom called me, “Kim, go to the shop and buy 3 tomatoes.” As I’m about to lift the latch and open the door, she remembers, “Make sure to choose the right ones.”
My whole trek to the shop, I kept wondering, ‘what is the right one? How does it look like? Probably extra red!’ Coming back, I present it to her and ask, “What do you think of these?”
“These are perfect,” she replies in the sound of her sincere heart.
All of a sudden I beamed. I did not expect it and that made me really happy.
If you feel me on this, you are city kid!

See how city kids are naughty: (mind you, I’m not talking about crime or vices. No!) If you are in the kitchen peeling and chopping carrots and you end up eating half of it, you are a city kid!

If you carry a water bottle to school (or work) or buy water in the supermarket, you are a city kid!

If you have no qualms walking in sandals, crocs or slippers in the City Centre, you are a city kid!

If your favorite sport is skate boarding and watch YouTube videos on how to do an Ollie, you my friend are a city kid!

If you are a girl, and think it is fashionable not to know how to cook ugali, you are a city kid! Lakini wacha maringo.

If you cannot do without your phone nearby and take selfies every time, you are a city kid! Sorry, you are a slave!
If you do not know the name of the Speaker of the National Assembly, you are a city kid! Sorry again, you are dumb!

If you like doing things in a group and cannot walk alone, you are a city kid! And maybe a Liverpool fan too.

If you get a small pimple on the face and you feel it’s a spot causing your head to feel as if it’s bulging North-Eastwards, you are a city kid!

If you go for grocery shopping and you’re the one who wants to pull the cart, getting a feel of an Audi, you are a city kid!

If you watch Soap Operas and Naija movies that make you cry and wish your life pans out the same, you are a… You need prayers!

But hey, don’t fret! Nothing could be further from the truth.

I believe, for me, to accomplish my God given purpose (and even to know it) I must not be a city kid.
This life is lying to me. Internet, free food, Giuliana & Bill…
No! No! No!

I’m going home to ask my grandma what kind of kid I am.
What’s up grandma?
Say what? Kipsengwet? You’re absolutely right!

(I believe there’s nothing like a city kid. We all have a home where we come from. Ask your parent or research about your ancestors but might there be such a thing as a ‘city kid’ and you think you’re one of ‘em, you are not!
Now that’s a Life Sage.)

If you were born among one of the tribes in Northern Kenya, you could still be looking after cows!!
Think about it. Trifling, but profound.

I am not a city kid!


12 thoughts on “I’M NOT A CITY KID!

  1. Hahahahaha i see you relate na hizo zote 🙂

    Lmbo.. Glad i cant find a category for myself!

    Hahaha na uwache kuexpose you’re family members.. Except myself. :p

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