I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted a piece on this platform.
And with an emphatic “yes”, I’ve missed you too 🙂

I’ve experienced several moments – many are good, some not so good. But just like what makes the best news, I want to let you in on the ‘not-so-good’. That which made my heart melt and become like water.
And if you may allow me to put it forth in Swahili, “Wahenga hawakukosea waliponena kwamba…”

She was the one. I felt it. No, I knew it. You know what? I both felt and knew that she was the one.
She came into my life when I needed her the most.

It was a cold and dark night, way back in High School, when my dad came to school and introduced me to her. I quickly left ‘night-preps’ class on knowing of his arrival and ran to the parking lot having no idea that vows would be exchanged on that night – but just to feel the hug of my hero in a Form Four first term month is all I longed for. And with that I took good care of her. Not everyone would talk to her or borrow her, even for a second.
No! No!
She was all mine.

As time went by, I noticed my friends get theirs too. But they still admired mine. They smiled at my ‘lover’. What shocked me the most is that my ‘lover’ gave herself no airs and shared her humblest love, affection. I was the jealous one.
She was my crony during my final year of High School and made friends with my friends.

I’ll be right to say: We can sometimes point to the very day and hour when we fell in love or began a new friendship. Right? And for me, that’s when it dawned, we were ‘made for one another’.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes to hours and days to months. The weather changed, sun shone then rain poured. Money was made and later lost. Beautiful babies were born and we lost a few on the way. Years rolled by and High School now, is the past.

I wanted a new model. Now not adorned in red but maybe silver or grey in color. I prayed. I stopped showing her off. I knew her like the back of my hand. Okay, I’m not really sure how the back of my hand looks, but… I knew her! I saw her every single day and my excitement dwindled away. The words, ‘I cannot live without her,’ sounded foolish.
It hasn’t been long that I’m here now, mourning her death. Okay, I’m not really sure if she’s dead or not, the doctor will let me know soon. Though her presence in the ICU is proving to be costly.

It’s at this point; I do comprehend how important she is. She was.
The many times I prayed to get a new and a better one, there was someone somewhere who was praying to have what I had.
Will I be right to say that the room for complacency and contempt was brought about by familiarity?

Friends, my beautiful, red Dell Inspiron N4030 (laptop) has ‘refused’ to wake up. Literally.
All my works, files and documents are stored in it. The technician (doctor) handling it urged me to get on my knees and pray that it’s the hard disk with a problem, for that can be mended, but if it’s the processor that’s damaged, it’s a goodbye.
It’s been spoilt for about four weeks now and I’ve been with her for 5 years 2 months.

God bless those friends who lend me their laptop, with some for up to a week!

Many times I wished I’d get a tab or an iPad, tired of carrying a laptop. It also infiltrated to wanting a kindle but now I have come to a sad and tough conclusion: to do what I do and intend on doing in life, a laptop is a crucial must have asset.

Friends, to be a contented person we have to accept the bitter with the sweet. And as we express our gratitude, let’s live by the words and not just utter them.

The men of old were right when they said, “You never know what you have till you lose it.”


Trust me, you don’t want to be in such a state.
Be joyful always and give thanks in all circumstances.

It becomes clearer to me each second I breathe of how life is very, very serious and at the same time very, very funny.

You’re complaining about the neighborhood you are in, what if you were from Garissa?
You say you hate your mother, what if you grew up not knowing how her laughter sounded?
‘I don’t have time,’ you tell her; ‘I’m too busy.’ But it’s until she leaves you that you realize you were doing nothing in the first place.
You shout to the mountain tops saying there’s no God. But if I may ask: who healed your brother from cancer? Who made you pass the exams? Who provided for your tuition fees? Placed a roof above your head?

Or are you waiting, like me, for the car to be written off to know that although it was an old rusty vehicle, it served you well? Are you waiting to be on kidney dialysis to realize that health is wealth? Are you waiting to be kicked out on the streets to realize the two blankets you had God provided? Are you waiting to lose that job to realize it was the best thing that happened to you?
Are you waiting for your laptop to forever sleep and defy orders of waking up, to know that a tablet and a kindle are secondary wants?

Be wise and learn from my mistakes.


Being in the season of Easter, let me say a thing or two.

It’s not only a time I mark my one year anniversary of blogging (what a milestone!)… and despite the celebration, joy and laughter that comes with victory in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, it is also a very important season, as it reminds the devil to where he belongs: Hell. Loser’s team.

Believing Christ died – that’s history;
Believing Christ died for me – that’s salvation.


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