How can one; after sitting for a CAT (Continuous Assessment Test) and heading for lunch, receive a phone call and get asked if he’d be willing to go to the United States of America?


I just don’t get it.

Hello world, meet my Friend.


“There is one condition though. Will you be willing to travel during the Christmas and New Year’s season?” His pastor picked his brains via the phone.

I really don’t need to tell you his answer.

My friend then reaches for his phone and hits me up. In a tone, suspecting distress or a predicament, he asks where I was, wanting to see me. I was at the tuition blocks. He decides to come.

As I sourced for a few e-books to transfer to my phone, all I whispered under my breath was, “Lord let this be sterling news.” Little did I know, he was trying to be humble. Trying not to get puffed up and with news I could not have even guessed, he handled it with modesty like the Pope.

He walks in the class panting. He places his big bag, that one might think he’s moving from one residence to another, on the table and takes me aside.

“What’s that you’re doing?”

“Transferring some books to my phone. What’s up?”

“Are there some John C. Maxwell?”


“Brathe… Uummhhhh… I might be going to the States.”

“Huh? What? Sorry? Say what!!” Shock and fear and elation all intertwine, making my eyelids quiver.

But at no point did I make a yeah-right kind of snort. I believed him.

You know it’s something to call your grandmother and tell her, “Shosh, I will not be able to come for Christmas this year since I’ve got a job in Machakos or I’ll be staying with my friend in Nairobi.” But, it’s something else to call your grandma and tell her, “Shosh, I will not be able to attend Christmas this year for I’ll be traveling to the United States of America.” Lord gracious, her diabetes will shoot up, that’s if she doesn’t black out first.

I inquire more as my excitement levels slowly build up.

Mamlaka Hill Chapel were looking for two young individuals with a heart for missions to attend the 24th Urbana Mission Conference taking place on 27 – 31 December, 2015 in St. Louis Missouri.

Out of the many, he stood out. He was chosen.


My friend hasn’t always been like this. Having had a rough childhood, grown up in tough environments, lived a life of party (alcohol and women) and having a tongue that had a mind of its own, often speaking without consulting him first.

But thank God for His abundant mercy, amazing grace, steadfast love, perfect timing and mighty plans. Just the other day, the first year of University did he declare with his mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believed in his heart that God raised Jesus from the dead. And boy, has it been a transition! His spirit has since stirred like a never ending series of volcanoes.

One who has a heart for God, simply a man on fire for Jesus Christ. His passion is seen on Social Media. When you get to class, he’s reading the bible. His confidence levels are surging through the roof and in nearly all of the interactions with people, he makes an indelible impression. His fellowship church also took note of him and offered a leadership role where he served as the Chairman of Limitless for a year.

Also, now he has a brain that is always ahead of his tongue, managing to hold his words in.

I guess it’s true; whoever has been forgiven much, loves much.

Having his passport stamped with travels to New Zealand, Australia, missing out on Germany and now, in a matter of weeks, to the United States of America; I remembered his famous lines and used it on him. “Brathe, kama umeenda, pia mimi nimeenda.” (You going to such places, is like I have as well).

We couldn’t stop laughing aloud – peals of anarchic laughter.

At times we’d be seated at a lecture and he’d turn and ask me, “Brathe, una shika hizi maneno?” (Are you grasping these concepts?)

With a smile on my face. I reply, “Yes. I get the concepts.”

He then replies, “Kama umeshika, nimeshika pia.” (If you’ve understood the concept, I as well have) turning his eyes back to the front, fixed on nothing in particular.

Maybe, at times he tried hitting on girls and they said no! Like N then O. Ooh sorry, let’s be humane – it just was not the right time. And as we talked we realized how easy it is to serve God as a single man, single lady. No responsibilities and restrictions. When you’re called to Marsabit, Meru, Malawi, Ghana, or in this case the land of the free and home of the brave; you pack your toothbrush, put on your jeans and sandals and… go! As a young person, the world is your oyster.

We started goading each other, what if he got a girl from there. [At this time, trust me, our excitement levels were at its peak.] White girl. No, black girl. Wait. Black girl. No white girl. But as reasonable and mature men, we let Jesus take the wheel knowing all things work for the good of those who love God, and have been called according to His purpose.

But, his eyes are wide open.

We spent close to 3 hours praising God, basking in His faithfulness and talking pretty much about nothing. As I put my pen down, I clearly remember his words with regards to missions and spreading the Good News;

“We cannot force anyone to get saved. We talk to them and at times we keep quiet letting them see for themselves how our lives are turning out, what God is doing in our lives, and let that minister to them.”


Some (those who travel on a daily basis, or hail from the United States of America or who watch a lot of movies or those who’ve kept up with the Kardashians for far too long) might think what a petty and trivial thing to get excited of. But, as you re-read this piece, I want you to think of a man whose fun and furthest trips have been from Nairobi to Baringo and back.

Now you understand?


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the God we serve. Who when you call unto him, will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things you do not know. One who performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. This is His joy. His nature. His Sovereignty. His thoughts. His ways. His LIFE.

My Friend.



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