Waiting For a HERO

I sit and think about what I would like to have. What I would love the ending to be. What I would like to be said – I believe that’s the best description of a lazy person who refuses to work.

One thing struck me during the SONU politics of the University of Nairobi. One thing caught my attention. And, also, from a distance, it did catch my eyes too.

The students are desperate for leadership. A pervasive sickness has fallen across the campus, and it looks like evil has the upper hand. The eyes of the students, maybe the administration too, roam looking for one who will hear their cry for help and save them. Even if he is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing, they are ready to rally behind him.

Students took to the streets carrying placards, sadly others stones, in protest of the just concluded marred SONU elections where injustice prevailed and the dignity of a community was uprooted like a tree. At least, that’s the feeling around campus.

But I got to see it differently.

I believe students are tired. Tired of a regime that is led by a single individual who when students, two years ago, took to the ballot looked ‘cool’ by how ostentatious he carried himself and stood up ‘bravely’ to the administration but the coolness has now faded. Students want an ambassador who will represent them, in all aspects, and the University. How one talks, debates, acts, dresses, and most importantly how one thinks should be an authentic replica of the best and largest University in Kenya. This is the hero students are waiting for.

This event of the past one-two weeks has awakened a political consciousness that few students knew they possessed. Every corner of the campus block, in the fields, in the dining halls, and the hostels; politics was in the lips of all and sundry. The happy news is that the beginning of that end has reached.

Switching up the tab: this could verily be said of Kenya as a whole. People are desperate for leadership – someone to make things better and heal the wounds brought by merciless men and unsavory thugs. But who? That’s the question. Who will make things right? Who will bring justice? Who will give the bully a taste of his own medicine? Will the Dark Knight rise to save the day? For Gotham is in trouble. Kenya is in trouble. Our universities are in trouble.


The weather attests to it. The clouds have caved in and swallowed the sun – dimmed the light. The temperatures have dropped causing our bodies to freeze – making us afraid. Will the sun shine bright again? Will the clouds pave way? The question that rings loud in peoples mind is: When is the next equinox?

Wicked people – bad guys – are always hungry for evil, they have no mercy on anyone. They don’t think of their neighbor’s playground, the farmers sweat or the students spent hours in a library. This does make people afraid to stand up and take on evil because the fight is against persons with no morals, no compassion and to a certain degree, you might have to give up your life for the cause. They’ll look for you, hunt you down and remove your name from the script whenever you try putting on the hero costume. The people know that and that is why not everyone is enticed with the role of a ‘hero’.

But good people are happy when justice is done.

Here’s the problem: Gotham is not a fantasy. It is real. Thus, mythic heroes with synthetic abs are not available to stop the bad guys. Real women and children in real communities oppressed by real evils wait for regular men like you, me, the local mechanic, the church pastor, and the restaurant waiter to transform into a hero who delivers hope.


Now: instead of indulging in luxuries, wine, and rich food; is there something you could do – no matter how ‘small’ the act could be? Instead of sitting with friends and coming up with an ideal picture of how things could be or ought to be, draw it! Instead of spending money and time in movies watching superheroes, could you transform into one?

Wait. Before that, remember Proverbs 21:30, “Human wisdom, brilliance, insight – they are of no help if the Lord is against you.” (GNB)

Make it right with the Lord first. The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.

This article, like a bully seeking my lunch, is up in my face shouting and demanding a response from me.

Will I rise to the occasion? As a man of God will I take a stand? Will I answer the call?

After the dust settles and the horses return to the barn, will you be the change – bring the change – you want?

People are waiting for a hero.



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