One foot forward!

All you got to do, is put one foot forward. It may seem hard, or it may be hard; you may be tired, or you may be clueless, not knowing how to carry out your duties; but all you got to do, even with deep breaths or clutching to a rock on the ground to thrust you forward, is to put one foot forward.

Many times – when the year begins – we have audacious goals, we think big, and the declaration that this is THEE year slips from our mouths. But, when it comes to execution, implementing, when the rubber meets the road, one realizes, whoa, it’s not as easy as penning it down on paper. Hard work, dedication to the job at hand will be called for, mind you, not to win, no! But the determination that whether you win or lose, you have applied the best of yourself to the task at hand understanding what is not started will never get finished. For this little time I’ve trod the earth, and the handful number of great individuals I’ve studied, with the numerous friends I admire, one common denominator rises to the surface; they put one foot forward.

God has placed a dream inside of you, and if you stand still waiting for His call, you’ll be shocked to realize He’s the one waiting on you – for God loves to steer a moving ship. If you are tied to the harbor of comfort and leisure, God ordinarily will not give you clear direction. He gives direction to captains who point their ship out of the harbor, into the storm. Think about Jonah – this illustration will do. Even Jonah was moving in exactly the wrong direction. And God stopped him. He didn’t send him home and say: Start over. Yes, He didn’t send him home! He made that journey part of the journey. And He sent him exactly where He wanted him to be: not exactly in the way He wanted, but He got him where He wanted to go because he was moving.
I will not sit in front of my PC, with my hands tied to the keyboard, pretending and making an assumption that everyone who is going to read this piece is a young person. Allow me to address you, you who is older or aging; you may find in your own heart the temptation to think you don’t have long to live or you’ve already wasted your youth. But as John Piper (70 years of age) puts it, “I think that is a mistake. I think it is a serious mistake, and I am trying to strive against that thought. I have no idea how long I have left. But when I was younger, I assumed that I could accomplish more simply because of the amount of time that was in front of me, probably. But, in fact, the accomplishments came because of God’s blessings on a particular season. It wasn’t the length of life. It was the power of seasons. And who knows? Who knows what you might accomplish in the next season? So, don’t let the fatalism of aging limit your dreams of fruitfulness.”
Therefore, dream bigger than aging fatalism would allow you!

Move from the harbor. Start sailing. One row at a time. Take the right foot forward, then the left. Take the right foot again and put it forward, then the left. When you decide to place one foot forward, it’s also good to know you might face disappointments, you may be bruised, criticized or accused; you may meet individuals who will shoot down your ideas before you’ve explained it or a guy shouting rude comments as you’re walking by; what will you do?

Me? Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I will make it obedient to Christ via blood, sweat and tears.

One thing I have come to appreciate over time, personally, in the light of the knowledge of God which I have come to enjoy, is that God did not call us (me) to win. He called us (me) to run! And it’s true what they say of life being a race, maybe what they don’t mention is that it is not a sprint but a marathon. Try not to keep up with the Joneses and quit the rat race, for if you win, you’re still a rat. You surely don’t want that! When your race comes to an end, will you at that time confidently say like the Apostle Paul, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have kept the faith?” For, when it is all said and done, God isn’t going to say, “Well planned, good and faithful servant.” He won’t say well thought, well said, or well strategized either. There is one commendation: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


What are you waiting for?

Maybe it is a diet (not just for those wishing to shed off some weight but for those aiming to be professional athletes). Maybe it’s a graduate or post-graduate program. If you’re in school, what kind of grade are you aiming for? Maybe it’s a church or a ministry to serve in. Maybe it’s a business. Or if you’re a husband, what kind of home-environment do you want to nurture? If you are a leader what kind of followers do you want to shape? Maybe you moved to a new country, a new city; don’t focus on the negative implications while ignoring the positive possibilities. If you are a new believer in the walk of faith and everyone around you is disobeying God, no one is living upright and you wonder whether you can do it or if it’s worth it to break out and seek God alone; brethren, the sun is shining and the clouds are giving way, it’s a new season, it’s a new year! Whatever it is, One foot forward. That’s what our folks did, that’s what the great people did, that’s what those we admire did and are doing! Sometimes, though, foggy, hazy, and the path unclear, they put one foot forward!

One step at a time.

By the grace The Almighty has given me, I implore each and every one of you, if you have no slogan for this year, mantra to guide you, let this push you; “One Foot Forward”.

One foot forward!



12 thoughts on “One foot forward!

  1. Young man, you are a Daniel in the making. That is a gift you have, continue nurturing it and may our Lord God always guide and order your steps, and yes, your words.

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