Chelal in a glimpse…

Life. I love life. What is life? To say the truth, I really don’t know. At least one thing you know about me now, is that I’m honest. I’m not a ‘know-it-all’ person but I’m a learner. I’m a reader. I empty to be filled. I unlearn to learn. Ask me again what life is, I’ll say; Life is Life. To me that’s life. You wrong then you right.

I am not a loquacious fellow, thank God for words! As I deep my quill in ink to write, I acknowledge it is through God’s power that my words can be puzzled together.

Come let’s share life. It’s a thrill a minute.


10 thoughts on “Chelal in a glimpse…

  1. Hahaaaa.lilez my nigga, love the content brutha. Nice to read the sense coming through. Wish u all the best in this new blog of yours. Cheers

  2. That is great my brother. May the Almighty God continue to use you amazingly and my He guide you and shower you with lots of wisdom

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