The Assurance Pillar

Psalm 75:3, “When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm.”

Killings, deaths, tears, hatred, deceit, mistrust, fear: could easily be said to have been a daily bread for Kenyans during the month of July. With about 5 deaths of prominent people, either due to their long service to the country or holder of a powerful office of late, has raised eyebrows of what really is happening! The power politics yield that it becomes a matter of life and death, of isolation and of discarding one’s values, of forgetting oneself and losing oneself: Lord God, in your anger remember mercy.

As a nation, we are at a crossroads. The heated political temperatures have risen, the winds of uncertainty are beating against our walls. We as citizens of the beloved Kenya, are trembling wondering how long until our wobbling knees hold the weight of our bodies. We are reminded, Somalia and DRC Congo were once as peaceful as us. We are told that after the 8th of August violence will erupt and flames will burn. And with what’s happening, the rhetoric around, the division being unfurled, we have bought it. Or else, we have not rejected the idea.

Asaph, in this Psalm, mentions that at times truly, with what we see and hear, does cause the earth and its people to shudder, to insinuate the worst, to run and take cover. Continue reading “The Assurance Pillar”