“So just Jews and Greeks then?”


Has it been 5 years or have we met after High School?
It’s been a while!! Trust you’re doing well?

With regard to your well thought-out question; “So just Jews and Greeks then?” that arose from Romans 1:16

16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.


When Paul the apostle here lays down this statement, one then wonders, how about me – who is neither a Jew nor Greek? Kenyan? Or like the question, “So just Jews and Greeks then?”

First of all bro, this should not frighten you suddenly or cause alarm.

The above verse is in the English Standard Version (ESV), whereas in other versions, Gentiles is used instead of Greeks (New International Version), both carrying the same meaning and driving the same message.

The question could then be phrased; “So just Jews and Gentiles, then?”

Greeks = Gentiles

We do know who the Jews are. The question then arises: who are the Gentiles?
The Gentiles are all those who are not the Jews, non-Jewish persons.

Let’s dig into some small history;
The Jews despised the Gentiles. According to their customs (Jews) they were not allowed to associate with the gentiles (non-Jews) leave alone visit them. The Jews also referred to the gentiles as the uncircumcised men, an insult! For a very long time, they did not see eye to eye and especially when it came to matters of the Gospel and whom Jesus Christ came to save. It was so bad that the Jews would be heard uttering this loathful words, “Thank God I’m not a woman, I’m not a dog, I’m not a gentile.”

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It’s that time of the year when perfection comes, and the imperfect disappears.
It’s that time where you think all the love songs playing on the radio were written for you. You and you alone.
It’s that time when men are really saving money and wondering what languages they shall borrow, what scriptures they shall quote; while the ladies are getting anxious by the day, trying to figure out what to expect from their loved ones.

On this piece, I want to specifically talk on love after Valentine’s, but allow me to touch a bit on Valentine’s Day. Continue reading “LOVE AFTER VALENTINE’S.”



To all my readers,

What a race it has been thus far! At certain times I’ve tried running with my head facing sideways, and that almost made me quit. Keeping my head afloat has been hard. Frustrations have engulfed me, clipping my wings but I guess it’s one of the ‘things’ that come with the investments one makes; understanding that the only people with no problems are dead.

When I started blogging about 5 months ago, I never imagined in a million years with the sun still yellow that I’d be here posting my 20th article – leave alone have a blog! I remember vividly when I posted my first article on the 1st of April dubbed, “APRIL FOOLS’ DAY” which was, to be honest, a trial and error. Then to what was to be my last final piece, “I LIED, AGAIN” is when everything changed. The response was incredible, far-fetched. Made me ask the question why someone would want to listen to what I had to say but kept the matter in mind. The number of views it garnered Continue reading “IT’S BEEN REAL!!”


“Hey Dad, has the Holy Spirit ever visited you in your life?” I shyly asked in a whisper but without emotions.

The wind was fierce and seemed uncontrollable, without direction. Darkness had set in. Up above, the moon slipped into sight, its glow visible along the rim of high clouds, stars covered by the black sky. We were standing right outside the Jubilee Ministry Centre entrance at CITAM Valley Road. Bordering on, was the parking lot, near the white tents. People were leaving. Flashlights of several cars pierced through the darkness, reflecting against the white tents, one would have thought evening had just set in yet it was just about 8:40 pm. We lingered awaiting my sister (it just had to be her). I was at the third step, my dad at the first step of the stairway. I really thought about this question, my hands now dangling at my sides. My dad was deeply engrossed in his Samsung smartphone, his hands now used to the digital world. I had no sweater. And can’t say I’m innocent either. In my early twenties, a goatee and the firstborn in the family, sweaters was simply asinine for the man that I am. I hold dear the days my mom would make me wear my pullover, smiling whenever I got tangled in the sleeves but guess I’m grown now. I now write this with a cold; sneezing and a running nose. Guess, I’m not that tough after all.

Talking about my mom: She was just a few steps from us, inside the car with my younger brother in all likelihood listening to his grandiose wishes; a dog, Ps4, skateboard, maybe next will be a horse and the next after that, pigs will fly. So it was just me and my dad. Father and son. Mentor and protégé. Friend and friend. Man and man.

Wasn’t certain what his riposte would be.

My dad looked up from the phone, dropped his hand down next to his waist, the other holding the phone at his chest. He looked straight into my eyes. Even with his glasses on, I felt he knew my thoughts, understood Continue reading “CONSCIENCE: WHO AM I?”


We all need a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, another person to make us feel exceptional in any way or feel important and a mentor to guide us. We feel positive toward the person who is saying and doing the things that make us feel better about ourselves. We want to be a product of charity but we ourselves wouldn’t want to help and be valuable to others.

Why is it so hard? Why is it so?

In this day and age, one might come over and ask to borrow the PlayStation for a week, a guitar for a month, a car for a day, a laptop for an hour; but freeing it up – even to a friend you daresay is close – is pretty hard.

Sure, you are using it or have plans for it, maybe you earned it by the sweat of your brow but at times you basically don’t use them. The period you would have helped or lent them and ‘it’ returned, has long passed without you using or even putting thought to your possession.

And if you do, it’s not with jollity of heart. You do it with fear or maybe have an odd premonition of it not coming back the same way you doled out or it’s your pride that reaches to the heavens or it’s due to their incessant pursuit and flashing eyes that whirls you nuts or like me, it’s Continue reading “WHY HELPING OTHERS IS A NIGHTMARE!”


Dear Booboo,

Might this be the problem?

I can hear it when I call, feel it when I text and see it on how you hug me. Is it this bad?

No more sparks, no more fireworks, no more holding of hands and no more I love you’s. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Or there isn’t even any end in the tunnel?

What I do or say is no longer satisfying. I remember you used to laugh at my stale jokes. Relished the places I took you, garbed to impress me and voiced I was a good, if not the best, cook.

I have changed. Yes, you’re right. I have changed. And I wish you met me now. I was funny. I was popular. I had fashion. That all changed.

These days, I might walk nonstop past a friend, who will be convinced, what a snob I’ve grown into. But truth be told, I didn’t spot them. My thoughts are no longer here with me. I think a lot. I think incongruously. I presume I’m Continue reading “WHY I DON’T CARE!”


I don’t know what all the fuss over Masaku 7s is about. I really don’t. Were it to be two years ago or more, I’d have gone – maybe. My designer shoes would be ready and my cologne would be spot on. Nevertheless, that was then…

I thank God for sending me a ‘friend’. I believe every good thing comes from above and from the Father of lights. A buddy when introduced to, wish had come earlier in my life and it did not take long for the ball to start rolling. I beam each moment I spend with her. Carrying her on my lap or sitting next to her in a car or late night interactions with her in my room or whenever she’s cuddled up in my bag or whenever I’m deeply engraved in whatever she has to say, that everything else around me goes still; a crony she has always been.

Her name is books.

It was on the 27th of June – just about the much hyped Masaku Sevens – Continue reading “SHE SAVED ME:)”