This Saturday, 11th July 2015, just started off in a disappointing note. Having overslept, I missed our men’s group plot. I don’t love sleep. No! Sleep loves me.
In shame and guilt, I requested my pops to take me wherever he’d go. And he blithely agreed.
So, I went back to my room, did my daily devotion awaiting to leave the house. Matthew 18 and 2 Chronicles 20 were my bread.


My walk conveyed an impression of an enormous, zestful excitement. Pops running his errands, I was closely learning from the best. Yes, my best. But that’s not the kernel for this article.

Kitengela Kids:
Our first, no second, no third stop, yes third stop, was Kitengela. I met an old man who lived during the days of independence. His prime days, that is. The aging man urged me to treat every one as a Kenyan, not in tribal lines. For there were young men and women from each tribe who died by shedding blood for our freedom, our soil, our self-governance.
It was a bit emotional Continue reading “KIDS, STREET BOYS & MATATU TOUTS: FRIENDSHIP TIPS.”



I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted a piece on this platform.
And with an emphatic “yes”, I’ve missed you too 🙂

I’ve experienced several moments – many are good, some not so good. But just like what makes the best news, I want to let you in on the ‘not-so-good’. That which made my heart melt and become like water.
And if you may allow me to put it forth in Swahili, “Wahenga hawakukosea waliponena kwamba…”

She was the one. I felt it. No, I knew it. You know what? I both felt and knew that she was the one.
She came into my life when I needed her the most.

Continue reading “WHAT THEY SAID,… WAS TRUE!”


It was engrained in my mind, for a very long time, that I was the fastest walker on the streets of Nairobi, maybe even the State of Kenya.

(This is no joke)

I’d stroll with a few buddies and they’d lament the speed I made them walk.
I’d note a target, and prod myself to go past him. He would be at a great distance ahead but in the long run, I’d catch up and even overtake him.

And yes, I have never put my speed to test. Never timed my walk and never participated in a walk race (none that I can remember), though it was a belief I guarded with gusto. Continue reading “HANDS UP, I ACCEPT!”


It’s that time of the year when perfection comes, and the imperfect disappears.
It’s that time where you think all the love songs playing on the radio were written for you. You and you alone.
It’s that time when men are really saving money and wondering what languages they shall borrow, what scriptures they shall quote; while the ladies are getting anxious by the day, trying to figure out what to expect from their loved ones.

On this piece, I want to specifically talk on love after Valentine’s, but allow me to touch a bit on Valentine’s Day. Continue reading “LOVE AFTER VALENTINE’S.”



“There was a man whom I knew when growing up. He had everything going for him. Money. Good job. Esteem. And respect. He married a beautiful wife. But the wife was the only thing that was beautiful. He would occasionally lay his hands on the wife and finally but unfortunately chased her away.
He was handsome. He viewed himself as the center of the universe with other people revolving around him. And that meant the young ladies fell for him. He’d get involved with women and when he was advised by the elders and his friends to take his wife back; he saw no need and rejected their counsel. ‘I have all that I want. And if I don’t I go out there and get it,’ he would say. This paradoxical pride and Continue reading “THE STORY GOES…”


Having been brought up in the city is a blessing I give thanks to God for. I not only see it as an opportunity to build myself, create a better tomorrow for my family, and shape what my life stands for; but to also go back home and help the community in whatever way I possibly can.

For if everyone had not forgotten their roots; for if everyone had gone back home: schools would have been built, churches would have increased, roads would have tarmac, talent would have been nurtured, hospitals would have been thought of and enough circulation of money would be present.
But maybe it’s easier said than done, right? So I’ll keep to my own counsel.


Helen Keller once said, “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision.

I ponder on this and wonder how many people are pathetic.
We make that which is mundane seem and sound profound.
We focus so much on what restaurant to dine and forget of the person seated right opposite the table. Continue reading “IN TOUCH WITH REALITY”


Ever felt you need a vacation, and yet it’s January?
I sure as hell do.

You have nothing to do but still feel tired.
You eat (a lot) hoping to gain extra energy only for you to feel sleepy.
You sleep for 10 hours, hoping to get some extra rest only for you to feel like not waking up.
Your headache is as a result of video games and watching T.I. & TINY: THE FAMILY HUSTLE.

Life of a city kid?
I hate to admit but I do feel like one. And that’s why I need a vacay this January.

One’s expected to start the year energized, propelled towards vision by the force of passion, walk by faith and grow the quality of their persistence.
What happened to the resolutions?
… but anyway!

Let’s look at the life of a city kid: tell me if you see yourself? Continue reading “I’M NOT A CITY KID!”